About us

Pass Card CO., LTD. is a Taiwan Mold Maker, established in 1999, and founders are Shin, Chin-Yin and Michael Hung. Pass Card was specialized in Plastic Injection Mold of PET preform. In next few years, we expanded our business service. Now, Pass Card focused on Plastic Injection Mold of Food packing and Health care industry.  Pass Card aims to provide the best molds, professional technology and reliable service support


The Core Value

Standing with clients together to discuss every project's details, come up with best solution plan. This is all because we position ourselves to be the best Mold Provider to back up customer's project development. As an injection mold maker, Pass Card has responsibility to provide precision mold/a<> and excellent after-service for our customer in global.

Pass Card In-House Hot Runner System 

Pass Card's Manifold employs a fully balanced runner design, precision processing ensures gate and mold plate remain stain free from resins, also keep uniformity at all cavities. Valve Gate Full Hot Runner System are made in high efficiency and high durability. Besides, 90% of runner parts can be replaced with molds on injection molding machine. Our design can exhibit minimal pressure loss, increase productivity, and improve product quality.

Top-notch Equipment

.DMG Mori - lathe machine made with Germany-Japan 
    cooperation technics
.YASDA - Milling machine made in Japan
.OKUMA - Milling machine made in Japan
.MITSUBISHI - EDM machine made in Japan
.CHARMILLES - EDM machine made in Switzerland
.ARBURG - Injection molding machine made in Germany
.STUDER - Round Grinding machine made in Switzerland
.ZEISS - Bridge type coordinate measuring machine